Firtree Cross

Firtree Cross is a town in the northern Bitora region of the Kingdom of Sunset. It has been guided by Lord Mantil Brates towards prosperity, becoming a merchant crossroads leading to Agath, Lyei, and Northern Firei.


  • The Silver Cup Inn: a merchant’s inn and tavern, popular with those who can afford it
  • The Wolf’s Head Tavern: A tavern that caters primarily to loggers and hunters.
  • Blackcastle Merchants: Imperial-based traders that focus on quality.
  • Marbleheart Traders: A dwarven merchant group based out of Mountainhold.
  • Temples of Ahmor and D’stas, a small shrine to Sivaxin

Notable indivituals:
Lord Mantil Brates, lord of Firtree Cross
Nasha, daughter of a former town witch
Conbray Densuil, Most High Priest of Ahmor

A dark, cursed forest inhabited by a witch

Firtree Cross

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