On the Ruins of Empires

Deep Into Shadow... and then not. back to town for a few days. and then: Deeper Into Shadow...

Silvaxin doesn't seem big on lasers

Advanced down hallway after shadow guy that fled
Fought 4 more of them (from alcoves on either side of corridor)

Advanced down hallway until corridor cut off by wall of Darkness
Sylvan diplomacy with a voice in the Darkness
Suddenly Darkness goes away to reveal sudden basilisk!
Killed it (and Roland guts it for loot)
But with Akemi petrified, turn back

Of the two other routes from the circular room:

  • one petrified tree, with branches holding a 4’ diameter smoky white quartz; when Light is cast upon it, it glows with real moonlight, which reveals the bas reliefs on the walls otherwise too faint to see
  • one petrified tree, with branches holding a 4’ diameter rosy gold quartz; when Light is cast upon it, it glows with real sunlight (as the setting sun), which reveals the bas reliefs on the walls otherwise too faint to see

The exits from both of the rob rooms curve around to meet at one end of the same room: a long hall (for sermons/worship?) with a stone altar on one end and double pillars down its length
While these areas are well maintained, there is no evidence of actual worship here
At the end, a secret door (push and slide to either side) leads to another small room with a petrified tree in it, but these branches do not hold any orb (and it doesn’t seem designed to hold one)
Another secret door reveals faint sunlight behind a veritable curtain of roots
Exits out at the bottom of a ravine
With Roland’s navigation abilities, able to return to town after two days of slow travel

Back in town!
How to restore Akemi?

  1. There’s a dark witch in the forest; but they say there’s no such thing as a good deal
  2. A young woman in town with witchlike powers: Nasha, can be found at the Silver Cup Inn
  3. Priests in temples of town: Option 1: Ahmor (newer temple)
  4. Priests in temples of town: Option 2: D’stas (bigger temple)
    We went to D’stas. Acolyte stated Father Morrow likely to be able to help. And he did! Was able to save some money by using harvested basilisk gizzard as basis of alchemical unguent to reverse petrification. Cheaper than taking up Father Morrow’s high level spell slot (5th level!)

This is what Karoton has learned from Tia’s talk with the Sylvan voice in the darkness:

  • The girl is under the darklings’ protection, at the request of the girl’s (unnamed) mother
  • Somehow Vicalla Brates (lord’s daughter) is a threat to the girl?
  • Seriously, Vicalla is like 11 years old. That’s like infant age, can’t even work bellows yet let alone pick up an axe.
  • Karoton is inclined to think the point-ear was being flighty or tricksy or just straight up lying

This was only spoken in Elven and not brought up again later (so Karoton/Akemi do not know, but for reference OOC):

  • Sylvan voice offered to trade girl for Tia because Tia was pretty

Lord studied with the wizards; may know more about darklings?
Met with Lord Mantil Brates, aged 60ish; has ruled this area for 40~50 years.
Unfortunately his specialty is not with religious or fey matters (prefers old arcane magic, especially divination)
Knows that the local (feared) witch favors offerings of children; but witch is not known to steal children on her own. Must be offered as part of whatever (bad) deal is being made.

Visited local shrine to confer with priest of Sivaxin
Karoton wants to make sure it’s okay to fight inside her temple and all
These Darklings, while fey, do not seem to be Sivaxin’s followers
Learned of Sivaxin’s past; she gave the cloak of the moon to Nagarr, and the cloak of the sun to the other one
Acolyte frowned at idea of the darklings stealing light
if such a grand temple has been abandoned, then it’s left to the wild. If it were to be restored, then it would be a holy place again.
Acolyte can’t speak for Sivaxin of course, but if the temple were reclaimed, that wouldn’t be a bad thing
Sivaxin’s preferred offerings: flowers, trees, plants that have been food, beasts hunted; to offer finest of that which was pleasing (flower), or that which provided sustenance (game/meat, gathered nuts and berries). Raw and unworked; for example cooked meat would have to be made raw again, and it’s just rude to make a goddess work to make her own offering acceptable to her

Back to the temple
With Akemi awake this time, could simultaneously light sun orb and moon orb!
No lasers :(
Investigate circle room, as there is no hole in the ceiling (where we fell down)
Poke at gold/silver eyes of pillars in circle room
No lasers :(
Continue down long hallway
Wall of darkness (again)
We dither so much, the darkness fades (fyi Darkness is Concentration, up to 10 minutes so… yeah)
Traps! Skulls on either side of the corridor. When Tia investigated, one exploded, and set off the other one too
Continue down long hallway
Traps! Tripwires. Tia avoided first one, but then sudden darkling ambush! As one ran past Tia, her swashbuckling sneak attack was enough to explode it… and the radiant burst fried the shadowy tripwires. So…
Traps! Tanglefoot type thing instantly followed by flamethrower type thing. Tia made her tanglefoot save, which means she got to roll vs the fire! She rolled poorly. But at least she got to roll! She went down from the fire damage
The remaining darkling ran away down the hall while we bandaged Tia



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