Roland Aldarn

Human Fighter


6"1", 200 lbs, born in the summer. Roland was a person who was raised on the streets and cared only about himself. After he became cursed by Torrak he changed into a more dutiful person, but he has never quite forgiven himself for the crimes he committed to gain his curse. He is not a good person and completely believes he is beyond redemption.


Roland Aldarn was born the son of a whore. the only thing he knew of his father was that he left him a bastard. Roland’s mother loved him, but she made little money in her trade and she owed money to very bad people. Roland spent his days living on the street. Roland learned to scavenge and steal. In the end that wasn’t good enough to survive as the streets were harsh and other kids started taking from Roland.

In order to survive Roland learned to fight. Roland hit his growth spurt and had managed to win enough of his fights to grow up strong, By age 12 he was almost 6 ft tall. Once Roland became one of the largest of the kids on the street other kids banded with him for protection. Roland at this point in his life learned to be a leader and to fight with a group. In the next few years Roland grew and when his mother could no longer support them he became a soldier to support her, Roland joined a mercenary company.

As time passed and his mother grew old she told Roland the truth of his origin. He was fathered by a noble who refused to take Roland into his house, Roland’s father was already dead. Roland took a leave of absence to look for some answers so he went out to find relatives to earn about his fathers side of the family. Roland’s search brought him to a Priest of Torrak. The Priest was another illegitimate son of his father’s who was raised in his father house. Roland’s father had one son from his wife and that son had died. So his father took another bastard as his heir. Roland became flush with anger and jealousy. In a fit of rage he killed his half brother.

Roland was cursed by Torrak, the full extent Roland himself does not yet know. Roland returned to his mercenary company. Roland fought with his Mercenary company for a few more months. The Company set out to stop raiders. The raiders negotiated with the company and offered a much better payment than the townsfolk could. The company split Roland sided with his commander who wanted to keep the original contract, but they were outnumbered. Not only did half their company rebel but the raiders banded with them. The company was slain down to the last man, with the exception of Roland. Roland was placed in a magical imprisonment and left to die.

Roland Aldarn

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