Alexander Magus

Human Wizard (Diviner)


Alexander stands 5’8" tall, has a slender build, dark blue eyes, black hair, and is clean shaven. Overall, he has an unremarkable appearance: no scars or markings, average height, average looks, common hairstyle, and he dresses in common clothing (tunic, pants, & cloak; no mage robes). His clothes are only somewhat worn from travel and activity (he spends more time indoors, but does travel).

Even though Alexander is not physically strong, neither is he a weakling. He has some energy and liveliness to his movements (reflexes) and has a healthy appearance (con). He has a keen, learned mind and good awareness of his surroundings (usually). His personality, behavior, and goals seem to be good-natured. He is approachable, friendly, and polite for the most part.


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Alexander Magus

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